Great Hall Lodge

Great Hall lodge is situated overlooking Baldpate Pond and used for a variety of scheduled permits group activities.

During 1934, Georgetown's Alfred Tidd Builders began the process of constructing the "Great Lodge" at Camp Denison Conservation Area. It is a tribute to his skills that the rustic lodge remains today in remarkably the same condition as the day it was built. The historic lodge is built around a large chimney that contains two large natural stone fireplaces. It is available for rent.

Nature Center

The Nature Center is the former Directors cabin when Camp Denison Conservation Area was a camp for underprivileged children. The Center, sitting directly on Baldpate Pond, has been completely restored.

Herb Hubbard Gazebo

The herb Hubbard pavilion is a small open frame structure, that is excellent for picnics or just getting in out of the rain on a summer day.

Large Bathroom Facilities

The large bathroom facilities are generally open to the public and renters from April through October.

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Permits and Uses.


Baldpate Pond

Camp Denison Conservation Area provides gorgeous scenic views of Baldpate Pond. The pond itself is a 66 acre greatpond located in Boxford, MA. Sorry, no swimming allowed anywhere in the pond. Many species of shrubs occur in this area, which attract a variety of songbirds. The western side of the camp property borders Boxford’s Baldpate Pond State Park and is 105 acres with numerous trails that follow the length of the pond.

Trail System

The forty-four Acre Camp Denison Conservation Area currently has 9 trails in the system, as well as access trails from the Lodge to 2 Parking Areas. All trails are available from sun-up to sun-set the year round for hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, birdwatching, nature walks, etc. Not allowed are bicycles, horses, and motorized vehicles.
The trails are color coded and well marked. trailmapTrail maps are available for downloading and they have a more extensive description of the trails. In addition, the yellow trail connects with the adjacent baldpate Pond State Forest. boxfordTrail maps are available for the Baldpate Pond State Forest as well.

Open Area for Tenting/Camping

There are several open areas for tenting at Camp Denison Conservation Area. An area right outside of the Nature Center, overlooks Baldpate Pond with many picnic tables and easy access to the pond foe boating and fishing.

A second area overlooks the pond as well in close proximity to the Herb Hubbard Pavilion. This area has a shuffleboard court and horseshoe pits, and is adjacent to the Balpate Pond State Forest with it’s many trails.

Demonstration Forest

The Demonstration Forest is an open classroom dedicated to promoting an understanding of natural habitat, woodlands and forestry practice. The forest is divided into sections, with a special emphasis in each section (see Demonstration Areas). The schematic map of the forest delineates the emphasis for each area. Tours are available for groups interested in the environment. Please call 978-352-5744 or fill out the form.

Take first left after entering the camp road (approx. 0.2 miles), go through the open gate and park in the large field. On foot take the Brown Trail from the small parking area to the Demonstration Forest

The forest is approximately 1.25 acres, divided into areas about 0.25 acres each.

Group Size (10 to 30 persons); Hours (by appointment) - 978-352-5744.

Deer ticks may be found, primarily near the ground, within wooded, brushy, or grassy areas. They are more prevalent in warm weather, but can be active the year round. As you probably know, deer tickets may carry Lyme Disease. Wear light-colored clothing with long sleeved shirts and long pant legs to tuck into socks. Repellants containing DEET are effective. Camp Denison Conservation Area trails and use areas are cleaned and covered with wood chips to minimize problems, however, self inspection is advised at end of visit.

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